Lagunitas The Hairy Eyeball Ale

Lagunitas The Hairy Eyeball Ale

Brewed by: The Lagunitas Brewing Co., Petaluma, California
Style: American Strong Ale
IBU: 56.66
ABV: 9.4%
Calories per 12oz: 260
Nose: Hints of sweet toffee and hops.
What We Paid: $7.99
Where We Got It: Pop’s Liquors, Cumberland, RI.
Price to Value: 3.75/5

 The Beer Truth

     An American Strong Ale, The Hairy Eyeball Ale packs a high ABV into an otherwise medium-bodied brew.  It exemplifies this style of North American brewing with a deceptively smooth and satiating finish.  A great accessory to aged gouda and crackers, this ale makes and breaks all the rules.

     Do yourself a favor, pick one up, and tell them thebeertruth sent you.

     Check out Lagunitas and The Hairy Eyeball Ale here:


Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher American Imperial Stout

Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher American Imperial Stout

Brewed by: Mercury Brewing Co., Ipswich, MA
Style: American Imperial Stout
IBU: 42
ABV: 10%
Calories per 12oz: 285
Nose: Nutty, chocolatey, malty, smoky.
What We Paid: $9.99
Where We Got It: Pop’s Liquors, Cumberland, RI.
Price to Value: 3.86/5

The Beer Truth

     Our local liquor store was graced by yet another delicious brew by Clown Shoes.  Previously known as “Vampire Slayer”, Undead Party Crasher starts out with a smooth,  barleywine-like taste.  Then it settles and finishes with a smoky lightly-hopped finish.  This brew is very well proportioned ratio of malt to hops.  This beer would be in good company with a steak on the grill and good friends.

     Another great brew from a consistently good local brewer, Clown Shoes never lets us down.  But I guess they won’t be slaying anymore vampires with this one…

Check out Clown Shoes’s website here:

Middle Ages Brewing Co., Ltd. Kilt Tilter


Brewed by: Middle Ages Brewing Co., Syracuse, New York
Style: Scotch Style Ale
IBU: 48
ABV: 9 %
Calories per 12oz: 244
Nose: Very faint smokey peat back round with a hint of caramel and honey.
What We Paid: $5.59
Where We Got It: Cork and Brew, Pawtuxet Village, Cranston.
Price to Value: 3.83/5

The Beer Truth

     This brew is simply delicious, not as intense as we had originally expected.  It is delightful in its simplicity.  It has semblance to a brown ale aged in scotch barrels, which in actuality is what this scotch ale is.  You would never know it’s 9% because of how drinkable this beer is…if you see it, just do it.

      The kilt tilter or two would be perfect for a late summer’s night on the porch, in your kilt…

Check out Middle Ages Brewing Co., Ltd. here



Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine Style Ale


Brewed by: Stone Brewing Company, Escondido, San Diego County, California
Style: Barley Wine Style Ale
IBU: 80
ABV: 11.6% AVB
Calories per 12oz: 210
Nose: Barley,  barley, barley, honey, caramel, and barley.
What We Paid: $7.99
Where We Got It: Gasparro’s Wine and Liquors, North Attleboro, Massachusetts.
Price to Value: 4.725/5

The Beer Truth

     This is one of the best barley wine style ales we’ve ever had the chance to review.  The sweet malt flavor with the supporting hops is a match made in heaven.  With a very entertaining and interesting description from Stone there is absolutely no reason not to pick this one up if you come across it.

     We love this beer.

Check out Stone Brewing Company’s Old Guardian Barley Wine Style here.

McNeill’s Oatmeal Stout

McNeill's Oatmeal Stout

Brewed by: McNeill’s Brewery, Brattleboro, Vermont
Style: Oatmeal Stout
IBU: 40
ABV: 5.9% AVB
Calories per 12oz: 180
Nose: Dark roasted malts, stoutesque oatmeal, and hops.
What We Paid: $5.99
Where We Got It: Grafton Cheese Shop, Grafton, Vermont
Price to Value: 3.8/5

The Beer Truth

We noticed right away that this is not your typical oatmeal stout, not at all in bad way but in surprising unexpected way.  The featured malt and hops are gathered from Germany, England and the United States help to create your more-bitter-than-average stout. Not quite as sweet as you would expect from an oatmeal stout, but incredibly tasty nonetheless.  Another great New England brew from our friends up north.

     Pick this one up if you’re looking for a great summer beer that’s a nut brown ale with copious hops.

Check out McNeill Brewery’s site here.

Hoppyum IPA


Brewed by: Foothills Brewing Company, Winston-Salem, NC
Style: Imperial IPA
IBU: 78
ABV: 6.25% AVB
Calories per 12oz: 180
Nose: Hops upon hops!
What We Paid: $11.45
Where We Got It: Harris Teeter, Charleston, SC
Price to Value: 3.8/5

The Beer Truth

     This beer had a light head on it after the pour and when I first brought it up to my nose I could almost taste the different hops in the smell.  It is a very light and refreshing beer with many different flavors that you can taste throughout the sip.

If you are looking for a lighter alcohol beer to have to start off your night or just maybe you are sitting on your porch and want to have something absolutely delicious to cool you down I would recommend getting a 22 ounce bottle and finishing the whole thing yourself! Its refreshing flavors of hops brings the best out of a gorgeous summers evening.

Check out Foothills Brewing Company’s site here.



Avery Brewing Co Maharaja Imperial Stout


Brewed by: Avery Brewing Co. Boulder Colorado
Style: Imperial IPA
IBU: N/A ABV: 1o.4%
Calories per 12oz: 316
Nose: Hops, Flowers, Malted Barley
What We Paid: $11.45
Where We Got It: Teds Butcher Block, Charleston S.C.
Price to Value: 4.2/5

The Beer Truth

The first thing I noticed was the full, aromatic head on this beer as I poured it into my frosted glass. When I took my first sip I was hit with the rich, hoppy taste along with the almost indescribable malted barley flavors that ran over my palate.  The color is absolutely perfect, the flavor is magnificent and man, it sure packs a punch if you drink the whole 22 oz. bottle by yourself! The 10.4% ABV is not overpowering, but it sneaks up on you after your first glass.

I am a sucker for the Imperial IPA’s and if you are as well you definitely need to pick up a bottle of this for yourself. If you are into barley wines as well you should give it a try because the malted barley adds something that most other Imperial IPA’s lack.  The whole experience is something that you definitely do not want to miss!

Check out a link to the Avery Brewing Company’s website here


Clown Shoes Angry Beast American Imperial Stout


Brewed by: Mercury Brewing Co., Ipswich, Massachusetts (Clown Shoes)
Style: American Imperial Stout
ABV: 11%
Calories per 12oz: 330
Nose: Molasses and dark roasted malt, brown sugar, nutty sweetness.
What We Paid: $9.49
Where We Got It: Yankee Spirits, Attleboro, Massachusetts
Price to Value: 4/5

The Beer Truth

     This brew starts out smooth and sweet, a tame angry beast. Backdrops of  various dark roasted malts and a fine finish help to take the sharpness out of the 11% ABV, and serves as a complimentary canvas to this delicious brew.

     Not your everyday malt beverage, buy yourself one for that special occasion.  Cheers, Clown Shoes!

Check out Clown Shoes’ website here



Slumbrew Naked Hopularity


Brewed by: Slumbrew, Somerville Beer Company, Ipswich, Massachusetts
Style: Black IPA
IBU: 80
ABV: 8%
Calories per 12oz: 190
Nose: Molasses, aromatic hops, perhaps a hint of chocolate malt.
What We Paid: $6.99
Where We Got It: Yankee Spirits, Attleboro, Massachusetts
Price to Value: 4/5

The Beer Truth

     This craft brew starts with a big, bold, dark roasted barley flavor, and then hops start to kick in to bring it to a balance. The perfect arrangement of bitterness and sweetness brings this black IPA to the next level. Although it starts out sweet the lush combination of hops more than satiate the taste buds. Yet another delicious craft 22 by Slumbrew, well done indeed.

Check this one out if you like stouts or IPAs. And it’s another great New England brew!

Check out Naked Hopularity on Slumbrew’s site here

Cape Cod Beer Stargazer Stout

Cape Cod Beer Stargazer Stout Growler

Brewed by: Cape Cod Beer, Hyannis, Massachusetts
Style: Stout
IBU: 35
ABV: 5%
Calories per 12oz: 220
Nose: Dark roasted malts, moca flavor.
What We Paid: $13.00 (per Growler mind you)
Where We Got It: Cape Cod Beer Brewery, Hyannis, Massachusetts
Price to Value: 4.3/5

The Beer Truth

     The first thing we noticed was the gorgeous dark head on this delectable brew. The chocolatey notes combine with the hops to create a perfect harmony that surpasses any stout we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing recently. We purchased this growler straight from the brewery itself.

     Cape Cod Beer has succeeded with another excellent local brew, if you love stouts and you see this one we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Check out Cape Cod Beer’s website here